When I found out I could no longer physically work, after 45 years of working, I had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, a good friend suggested Charlene Morring for me. As soon as I met her and saw her serious face, I knew I could totally trust her to take care of my disability case. I could tell she is totally confident, under control, honest and ready to roll.

Stress makes pain much worse, but she literally took all that pain away when she convinced me to RELAX and let her handle it from here. Any time I had a question, she would remind me to stop worrying and relax, enjoy life, and be patient. I totally trusted her and I am so very grateful for her. I have my disability now and it did not take long. Ms. Morring is such a sweet, caring, wonderful, totally professional young lady who certainly knows exactly what she is doing. I was very, very blessed to have met her. Life is good. Thank God for Charlene Morring!