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If you have an illness or injury and need benefits, you need two things: a law firm that fights for you, and a law firm that cares for you. At Morring Law PLLC, we make sure you have both. We represent Virginia and North Carolina residents in workers’ compensation cases, including longshore workers’ compensation claims; Social Security Disability cases; and Defense Base Act claims.

A Law Firm That Fights for You

At Morring Law PLLC, workers’ compensation and disability benefits claims are all we do. We know the law, and we have successfully handled thousands of cases. We understand what’s at stake for you: your health and your ability to provide for yourself and your family. We cut through the red tape, guiding you through the claims or appeals process, and we will stand firm until you have all the benefits you are entitled to.

A Law Firm That Cares for You

We care about our clients as if they were our own family. We take the time to listen to you, answer your questions, and explain the law. At Morring Law PLLC, we take pride in always being transparent, honest, and responsive. You have been through a lot, and we want to lift the worry from your shoulders so you can focus on what matters: your health and your family. We are effective at what we do because we care about the people we are doing it for.

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“[S]he told me what she was going to do regarding everything and told me to go home, get better, and not to worry about anything because she was going to handle it all! It was like a huge weight was lifted of me and peace filled the room and my life!”
– J.

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Charlene A. Morring

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A Norfolk, Virginia native, Charlene Morring attended public school and became her parent’s first child to graduate college. Charlene attended Old Dominion University where she competed and was awarded the Kaufman Scholar Award, an honor given to only one student in the campus community. She earned this honor for her work in the community, academics and commitment to leadership.

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Charlene A. Morring
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Charlene A. Morring Law PLLC Office is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Norfolk, VA
Charlene A. Morring Law PLLC Office is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Norfolk, VA