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At Morring Law PLLC, we fight for what’s right. We take the cases other firms turn down and we win. Why? Because everyone deserves a fighting chance at justice.

My father was a blue collar worker for more than 30 years. As a young girl I recall him coming home with injuries — yet he never stopped work. Nor was he ever compensated. When I decided to begin to represent the injured, I knew one thing was for sure: I would educate my clients and fight for what the benefits they deserve. Whether it’s the longshoreman injured on the port, the shipyard worker injured while walking up and down the ships, the Virginia or North Carolina workers’ compensation worker injured while in the course of their employment, or the worker that can no longer work because of a illness or disability — these cases deserve competent and experienced legal representation.

Here at Morring Law PLLC, we understand the needs of households, injured workers, and social security disability clients.

Let me fight for you and your family.

Charlene Morring

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