Social Security Disability

If an injury, physical illness, mental illness, or other disability has made you unable to work, you may be feeling a lot of things. Frustration, because you want to work to support yourself and your family. Anxiety, because bills are piling up and you wonder where you will get the income to pay them. Guilt, because you don't want to be a burden on anyone. And you may be in pain and exhausted from dealing with the condition that's keeping you from working.

All of these feelings are natural. At The Law Firm of Charlene A. Morring, PC, we understand what you are going through. We help people in your position every day. And while we can't take away your injury or illness, we can help with some of your other struggles, especially financial ones.

An injury or illness can happen to anyone. That is why the federal government established Social Security Disability, so that when someone's health prevents them from working, they can get the financial help they need and deserve.

Experienced Guidance for Social Security Disability Claims in VA and NC

Being entitled to benefits is one thing. Going through the process of getting them is something else. The Social Security Disability claims process is confusing, especially if you have never been through it before, and even more so if you are going through it alone.

Only about thirty percent of initial claims for Social Security Disability claims are approved. That means the great majority of people who need financial help to deal with their disability don't get it right away, or at all. Having a lawyer who understands the system and knows what makes a claim successful improves your chances greatly.

Whether you are struggling to make an initial claim, or wondering whether you can appeal a denial, we can help. Attorney Charlene Morring has successfully handled thousands of Social Security Disability cases, and knows how to gather and present the information needed to win your case, including medical records.

You don't have to do this alone. The caring team at Morring Law PLLC will stand with you every step of the way, until you receive the benefits you are entitled to by law.

Advocacy for Your SSDI Claim, Support for You

If you are unable to work because of a disability, you might not have the strength or resources to stand up for yourself, but we will stand up for you. We are dedicated to helping you get the financial help you need so that you do not need to worry about money when you should be focused on your health and your family.

The longer you wait to file a claim, the longer you will be without benefits. Social Security Disability was established to meet the needs of people just like you. Let Morring Law PLLC help you with the confusing claims process, cutting through the red tape and fighting for your rights. We will answer your questions and help to set your mind at ease.

Morring Law PLLC is based in Norfolk, Virginia, and represents people with an injury or illness throughout Virginia and North Carolina. For a free consultation to discuss how we might be able to help you, please contact our law office. We look forward to working with you.