Social Security Announces New Online Hearings

COVID-19 has really created challenges for all of us. Those who are waiting for Social Security hearings are extremely frustrated at the lack of visual contact. The Social Security Administration recently announced another option: video online hearings. We are pleased that the Social Security Administration has decided to engage in video hearings. Video hearings, while not taking the place of in-person hearings, at least provides both the Judge and the Claimant an opportunity to appear and testify. Many of the complaints with telephonic hearings surrounded the lack of that face-to-face interaction. Since an ALJ has the ability to provide credibility determinations, Attorney Morring feels that video online hearings are a good option for Claimants.

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Press Release:

The Social Security Administration announces new online video hearings and “expects online video hearings and telephone hearings will be the only two hearing options for the foreseeable future.”

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