We Won! A HUGE THANK YOU! The Law Firm of Charlene A. Morring has been deemed “ Best Law Firm ” in the Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

We are excited to announce a majormilestone. The Law Firm of Charlene A.Morring, PC has been officially deemedthe "OVERALL WINNER" in the Best LawFirm category in Coastal VirginiaMagazine Readers' Choice Award. Weset the bar and beat out several majorlaw firms. This major accomplishment isdue to YOU, our clients, friends andfamily who understand the value of goodlegal representation. As a Small MinorityOwned Business, this win is furtherindicative of the power of hard work andword of mouth. It is very important to mylaw firm that each client feels valued,obtains transparent legal representation,and that we fight until we get the bestresults possible.
As we forge on to ensure the InjuredCommunity in Coastal Virginia is aptlyrepresented, we pause to say: THANK YOU.

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Charlene A. Morring

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A Norfolk, Virginia native, Charlene Morring attended public school and became her parent’s first child to graduate college. Charlene attended Old Dominion University where she competed and was awarded the Kaufman Scholar Award, an honor given to only one student in the campus community. She earned this honor for her work in the community, academics and commitment to leadership.

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Charlene A. Morring
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