The Social Security Administration has a new leader

Late this afternoon, NOSSCR learned that Commissioner Andrew Saul has been replaced by Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi, who has been Deputy Commissioner of Retirement and Disability Policy since January 2021. Acting Commissioner Kijakazi has been involved in all the meetings NOSSCR has had on adjusting the fee cap and on improving other business models. Deputy Commissioner David Black has also been removed from his position. We wish former Commissioner Saul and Deputy Commissioner Black well.

Below is the message from the new Acting Commissioner:

Today, President Biden made the decision to change agency leadership and has asked me to serve as the Acting Commissioner. Over the past several months, I have gained great appreciation for SSA and I have witnessed the commitment you bring to public service each day.

I thank former Commissioner Saul and Deputy Commissioner Black for their service to the public. I am a strong believer in collaboration and Scott Frey and I look forward to working with all of you. This is a pivotal time for the agency and the nation and I know we can overcome any challenge when we confront it together.

Kilolo Kijakazi
Acting Commissioner

Earlier today the Biden Administration received a memo from the DOJ indicating that Saul could be removed ahead of his term.

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